Presentation Descriptions

The following list represents the descriptions of currently available presentation:

2012.11.19 front cover“Hidden Gems of Greater Western New York” – (20, 40, and 60 minute versions)

Includes an overview of some of the more interesting items from the book and the journey that led to collecting the stories, people, places, and events in the book – from the creation of Western New York following the Revolutionary War (and our regions connections with American History) to some of the famous people from the area, the famous inventions (including the greatest business invention in the history of the modern world) to the most hidden gem of them all (that’s staring at us right before our eyes).


Poster“Greater Western New York a State? – Why Not?” – (60 minute version)

In this presentation, we discover the rich history of the origins of our region and compare that to the contemporary history of Vermont. We then explain why, despite the similarities, the differences were enough to make Vermont become a state, but not Greater Western New York. But, what if we had become a state? What would our name be? Where would our capital have been located? And how would we rank versus other states today? We’ll leave it to the audience to decide if Greater Western New York should have become a state or whether Greater Western New York should now become a state.

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