Discovering the Secrets in Your Own Backyard.

From the dawn of Western New York in 1812 through the Superbowl years and beyond, its people have demonstrated a trait necessary not only for survival, but for success itself.

My eyes saw this growing up, my heart wanted to shout this from the highest mountain for all to hear, but, ultimately, it was my brain that connected the dots, allowing me to understand my own limitations and the best way for me to promote Greater Western New York. How could I, a humble native of Blasdell, the grandson of working class immigrants, educated in the shadow of the Bethlehem Steel plant, graduate of a high school that didn’t receive accreditation until my sophomore or junior year, and employee of a small investment firm, even begin to think he could convince a nation that Greater Western New York not only shouldn’t be the butt of some late-night comedian’s joke, but actually had a lot to offer?

Join me as I recount my journeys of exploration, discovery and, yes, mirth, through the forests of time and space that has become the Greater Western New York region.

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